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The ultimate richie rich travel bucket list (2017 Update)


The ultimate richie rich travel bucket list   Budget travellers beware! Proceed at your own peril. It might very well break your heart. Well, not really. We economizing travel nerds are made of stronger stuff than that. After all, what is life without a magnanimous dream? And this list is nothing, if not a fantasy. … Read more

Choosing the Right Property (2017 Update)


Business Budget How to choose a property that fits in your pocket (2017 Update) At the time of undertaking, countless are the variables that need to be considered and among them is the choice of the building where the company will work. One must think about the infrastructure offered by the neighborhood, close to its target … Read more

Technology Change’s Impact on Employment (2017 Update)


Technology Change’s Impact on Employment in Singapore  From smart homes to the smart receptionist, technology has changed the way things work in society. Life is now easier than ever before. Tasks which previously required manual labor can be carried out by pushing a button or running a program. Developers believe that the future will only … Read more

Exchange Rate Fluctuations and International Students (2017 Update)

exchange rates

How the Exchange Rate Fluctuations Affects International Students in Singapore (2017 Update) Exchange rate fluctuations always have an impact on a country in different ways. Thus, various sectors of the economy are affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate. It includes the banking, export and import, education, etc. And education is one of the best contributors … Read more

Loan Sharks Tactics in Singapore (2017 Update)

loan sharks

Loan sharks tactics in Singapore – What you need to know  Loan sharks are unlicensed moneylenders who issue loans illegally. They often lend money on unfair terms which have exorbitant interest rates. The loan sharks do not abide by the law and use violent and unscrupulous tactics. To give loan and recover money owed. They try … Read more

Asset Allocation (2017 Update)

asset allocation

Using strategic asset allocation to build your portfolio If there is one investment topic that investors should make sure they study and understand, it is asset allocation.  The reason is that apart from the general movement of the stock market, which will take many assets up or down depending on market direction, asset allocation is … Read more

Making Financial Decisions: Loans (2017 Update)

loans moneylender singapore

Making Financial Decisions: Loans (2017 Update) Do not fall into these traps of consumer financing or loans. Be smart with your money and make good financial decisions. Sometimes, consumers do scary things with their Money. Well, fear is good. That is why we enjoy watching horror movies, put on scary clothing, and walk around like ghosts for … Read more

Better borrowing from Online Moneylender? (2017 Update)

online moneylender

Can Online Moneylender Portals Provide Better Borrowing Deals? Shopping for loans online seems to be easiest, cheapest and quickest means of getting loans. But some online moneylender are not legitimate. You cannot trust all of them with your financial details. It is important that you scrutinize the licensed online moneylender before you deal with. You … Read more

Truth about your Finances (2017 Updates)

literacy finances

Truths about Money That Can Help You Grow Your Finances Many people have their different beliefs and their perception about money. But there are certain facts that hold true no matter what your financial situation or your age is. Check out the given factor on how you can approach your money to help you grow … Read more

Investment Linked Insurance Plan Really Worth it? (2017 Update)

Investment Linked Insurance Plan

What is an Investment Linked Insurance Plan? An investment-linked insurance plan is a hybrid life insurance product that combines aspects of both life insurance and investments. In this product, a section of the premium is paid off to purchase the life insurance component while the remaining bit is used to acquire units in a Unit … Read more