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How to Avoid Money Transfer Scams (2017 Update)

Avoid Money Transfer Scams

Avoid Money Transfer Scams ingapore is no exception when it comes to scams. There have been various reports made highlighting scammer’s modus operandi and how they trick their victims. The police have been doing massive information dissemination on how to spot and avoid these scams. Here are several tips you can keep in mind for … Read more

3 Unique Things About Singapore’s Budget 2017

Unique Things About Singapore’s Budget 2017

The authorities in Singapore have taken a unique measure to protect the environment with its latest budget. An environment-friendly budget that rightly takes the impact of global warming into account is what makes the proposals so unique. The government has introduced a new carbon tax along with a diesel duty that will help in curtailing … Read more

How Can You Invest In Singapore If You Are A Foreigner? (2017 Update)

How Can You Invest In Singapore If You Are A Foreigner?

If you are a season investor you may  know the importance of Singapore as a trading hub. The city state is best known for its financial sector and growth opportunities. Due to the tremendously favorable and business friendly environment. It has drawn around 3000 companies from China and India alone. In addition, multinational corporations reaching … Read more

Debt Collectors in Singapore. Who are they?

Credit Review - What can debt collectors do?

The classic images of a pig’s head and O$P$ splattered in red on corridor walls sum up feelings about debt collectors. While legitimate debt collection agencies might not be using loanshark runners’ tactics, these actions can still border on harassment. If you’ve have trouble paying your bills then you may be the recipient of unwanted attention from a … Read more