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Best License Money Lender Review

Here at Credit Review, we have been close observers of the money lending industry for a long long time. Right from the beginning in fact. When there were hardly any regulations that limited the amount of interest rates that money lenders could charge. It was during this unregulated period that many borrowers of money lenders suffered greatly. Armed with insufficient knowledge, these borrowers are often victims of the minority disrepute money lenders. These bad money lenders often used means of intimidation and coercion in order to get what they want. Nobody was looking out for the borrowers.

Thus, it was right from the start, long long ago, then we decided that there needs to be a way. A way for borrowers that have limited time and energy to reliably and consistently be able to determine which is the best money lender for them. Some body has to be on the side of the borrowers and protect them from any such consumer practices that might potential bring them harm. Through the many different iterations of our Credit Review website, we have finally arrived at the current format of being a review directory for money lenders in Singapore.


List of Best License Money Lender Review

Our team of Credit Review believes that the best way to gauge or to judge a business is through reviews and ratings. Through reviews and ratings, we can judge whether a business practices good business practices. Whether what they sell is exactly as what they say. Reviews and ratings are seen to be accurate as they can only be left by consumers who have actually engaged with said product. For example, in order to leave a review for a money lender.

A consumer must have actually gone down to the money lender. They must have taken out a loan with them. Also, they must have experienced their level of customer service. As well as the whole process of debt collection. All this is required in order to gain a complete picture and a more understanding insights. Finally before they can leave a review about their over all experience. This is why this experience can be potentially beneficial for all of us, if we were to find ourselves in the exact same shoes as these borrowers have been in. Thus their experience can inform us, when it comes to the time for us to make our own decisions.

When it comes to such a time, for us to make our decisions in obtaining a loan from a money lender. We will want to make use of every resource available that helps us make the best decision possible. Included in this array of resources, if the resource of reviews.

Credit Review’s Best License Money Lender Review

At Credit Review is where you will find the most valuable resource of all. Through our aggregated reviews and ratings, we offer up this consumer information in bite sized pieces that you can peruse, even when you are in a hurry. We understand such situations may often be urgent, thus we have adapted as such. If you have any enquiries or feedback, please, feel free to drop us a call or an email. We will respond accordingly.