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Credit Review is a relatively new website, set up to do one thing and one thing only. To connect you to the best money lender in Singapore that will exactly fit your needs. And offer you a loan product that is exactly suitable for you. And to ensure that you will have the best customer service experience with any money lender you may choose. We are not directly affiliated to any body in the money lending industry. Thus, our honest opinions and reviews here are as unbiased as unbiased can be. We have absolutely nothing to gain from featuring any of the money lenders here, as we do not earn any form of commission.

When we do feature a money lender on our directory, it is as voted by the customers themselves. These customers leave real reviews of their experiences. They also leave comments and star ratings. Here at Credit Review, we collect and aggregate these star ratings. Following which, each money lender in the listing gets a score depending on how many good reviews they get. Or bad reviews. It all adds together, so that you as a consumer can have a good picture. A good picture of which money lenders are actually good and reputable. And which money lenders should be avoided at any cost, as the price to pay is way too high.

List of Best License Moneylender Review

Thus, here at Credit Review, what we can do for you is to save you both time and money. For the first, we can save you time. This is because through reading the reviews that we have collected here. You as a consumer can save the time and avoid the hassle of going down to the physical location of a money lender. Only to find out that the terms and conditions they offer are unsatisfactory. Or that they are of disrepute characters. Our reviews provided here will grant you a complete picture of each of the money lenders in Singapore listed within. Second of all, we can save you money as well. This is because in choosing a good money lender, you will avoid any unnecessary fees that illegal or disrepute money lenders usually charge.

We can save you from the grief of getting entangled in illegal money lenders, or loan sharks. We know this because all of our money lenders listed here are bound to be license money lenders. They are all certified by the Ministry of Law in Singapore. They all operate with proper licenses and within the purviews of the laws. Thus, as a consumer, you can rest easy when you do choose to go to a lender from this directory.

Credit Review’s Best License Moneylender Review

If you are a borrower or consumer looking to share your experience, for the benefit of all other borrowers, you are strongly welcomed here. We accept all forms of review submissions, provided it is legitimate and verified. This is to prevent fraudulent cases of reviews that are written by the money lenders themselves to make themselves look good.

Thus, if you are looking to submit a review, or if you have any enquiries at all, please feel free to contact us. This you can do through giving us a call or dropping us an email. Thank you!!