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Best Licensed Moneylender Review

There is a major difference between legal money lenders and illegal money lenders aka loan sharks. Did you know that loan sharks will solicit for borrowers through SMS or call you? Some even go the extend of posting flyers and giving out name cards! A licensed money lender cannot do any of such actions. Legal money lenders can only advertise on business directories or their own website.

In addition, loan sharks will never operate at an office space. Why? Because they are illegal money lenders! All legal money lenders, by law must operate through an office. Never approach a loan shark. This is because they will give you a lot of trouble. We are sure you have heard many horror stories about what happen to people who borrow from loan sharks.

If you are not sure whether the company you have encounter is a legal or illegal money lender, you can search online! Ministry of Law has a whole list of licensed money lender. Their list is always updated thus you can be sure that it is reliable. After all, it is the government we are talking about.

List of Licensed Money Lender

Despite the list being provided for you, there are so many moneylenders in Singapore. How do you know which one to go to? Do you go to the one near your house? Or do you go to one that is further away? Why should you go to one that is further away?

If the money lender near you is notoriously bad, do you still want to approach it? Do you still want to take a loan from them? What if they give you a lot of trouble after taking the loan from them?

Another option will be for you to go to a money lender slightly further away. Is it worth the effort? Of course it is. Especially if they do not give you any trouble. We have heard of stories where legal money lenders harass their borrowers. Do you want to be the next victim? If your answer is no, look for a more reliable money lender! There are so many money lenders in Singapore, we are sure you will be able to find a good one that is able to give you a loan.

If you are lazy to look around for it, then have a look at the money lenders listed on this page. They have multiple positive reviews online and as past borrowers, we have personally taken a loan from them as well.

You can do a simple search of them online if you do not trust what we say. We are constantly on the look out for better money lenders. If you still find these money lenders too far away for you, give us a call at +65 6850 5412!

Perhaps we have found some better money lenders just that we didn’t have the time to update our website!