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License Moneylender Review

Credit Review is started as a site to provide the people of Singapore a source of moneylender review for licensed moneylender in Singapore. Credit Review is definitely your number one choice when it comes to a review website for Moneylenders. All our reviews are carefully compiled and aggregated by our staff. These reviews are constantly on the collect from real life customers. These customers have had the experience of actually going to those lenders. Thus, they all have real experience in taking loans from these lenders. This is why when we collect those reviews, you can be assured that those reviews can be trusted.

We know that with so many lenders out on the market, it is often difficult. Difficult to make a choice regarding which lender is the best option. In terms of interest rates, as well as customer satisfaction. Thus, this directory of moneylender reviews was set up for this sole purpose. The purpose to compile all the reviews in one place, such that it become easy for the customer. Easy for the customer to determine which exactly is the best option for them.

List of Licensed Money Lender

Despite the list being provided for you, there are so many moneylenders in Singapore. How do you know which one to go to? Do you go to the one near your house? Or do you go to one that is further away? Why should you go to one that is further away?

If the money lender near you is notoriously bad, do you still want to approach it? Do you still want to take a loan from them? What if they give you a lot of trouble after taking the loan from them?

Another option will be for you to go to a money lender slightly further away. Is it worth the effort? Of course it is. Especially if they do not give you any trouble. We have heard of stories where legal money lenders harass their borrowers. Do you want to be the next victim? If your answer is no, look for a more reliable money lender! There are so many money lenders in Singapore, we are sure you will be able to find a good one that is able to give you a loan.

If you are lazy to look around for it, then have a look at the money lenders listed on this page. They have multiple positive reviews online and as past borrowers, we have personally taken a loan from them as well.

You can do a simple search of them online if you do not trust what we say. We are constantly on the look out for better money lenders. If you still find these money lenders too far away for you, give us a call at +65 6850 5412!

Perhaps we have found some better money lenders just that we didn’t have the time to update our website! So please, bear with us. Alternatively, please contact us if you have any feedback. Or lenders that you think should be included.