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Quick Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender located in Jurong, Singapore with a reputation to boost!

Quick Credit Pte Ltd (formerly known as Reliahome Associate which was incorporated on 1st December 2001 and then change to Reliahome Associates Pte Ltd on 15th December 2002).

With the years of experience behind us and the countless repertoires of clients under our belt, we have learnt a lot about each and individual specific needs for money lending facilities.

We have re-designed and re-package our money lending facilities to meet with your requirement at an affordable rate.

It’s Your Finance, It’s My Credibiity.

The Mission and Vision

  • Maintaining a high level of integrity at all times. We adhere to strict rules in terms of running our business. This is to ensure that we deal with every money lending accounts in our hands as professionally and efficiently as possible. We understand that the more efficient and proficient we are at handling out money lending accounts, the more trust you, as a consumer, will have in us.
  • Adapting to customers’ needs accordingly. We focus in understanding your needs and structuring our packages to suit you! The money lending choices you will have are personal loans, bridging loan , foreigner loan and payday loan.
  • Absolute convenience. The team of people behind us works tirelessly to ensure that the process of obtaining a money lending facility with us is seamless and convenient. This is an unbending philosophy and corporate principle that we will never compromise.

Address: 2 Jurong East St 21, #04-01A IMM Building, Singapore 609601

Phone: +65 6899 6188


3 thoughts on “Quick Credit”

  1. Quick Credit is the place that I found HOPE. They listen to your problems and provide you with a manageable loan repayment scheme that you will not feel stress.
    They are the most friendliest and helpful money lender that I’ve encountered. I’ve developed a personal relationship with them. Now I see them as personal friends rather than “money lender” that most of us feared.
    Thank you. Quick Credit.

  2. wow their office is like bank! very clean and nice environment plus the office staff are all very friendly. lucky for them else i will not know how to clear my problems

  3. Great staff and friendly frontline, they always provide courteous and professional service to customer. I prefer Quick Credit is because of the officers and atmosphere of office are as similar as in a bank. The application is easy and fast, the staff will explain all the details with proper pace. Strongly recommended

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