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Business Ideas During Coronavirus

Business Ideas During Coronavirus

The human civilization has gone through many evolutionary changes from the beginning, and today we are again welcoming a new change. The change we are imbibing is developing our lifestyle and way of doing business in a difficult time of Coronavirus. The affected nations around the globe have taken preventive measures and have advised the public to work from home. Many businesses have come to a temporary halt, but that doesn’t stop them from working. Many people are still finding ways to start a business during the pandemic, and you would be one of them. You need an idea that dwells in the current scenario, the lockdown in many countries has changed the way people conduct their business and also the buying pattern of customers.

Business Ideas During Coronavirus.
Business Ideas During Coronavirus


Many people have acquired various skills through the experience gained at work or because of their personal interest. If you have some skills like:

  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Public Relations

Then probably you can easily start your online freelancing business. There are many online portals for freelancing work like ZomWork,, StageMetro, Upwork and many more. You can upload your profile on these websites and could receive a lot of work. Freelancing projects are long term businesses that you can continue even after the pandemic has come to an end. You can grow your business by acquiring more and more clients over time.

Online Education Portals

Education is a vital aspect of society, and whether people are in isolation or not, children need to be educated. Many schools and tutorial institutions have taken the medium of online education. Teachers are taking lectures through online video portals. Downloading of educational apps have spiked up since March 2020. The educational apps have paved the way for students to study during coronavirus. There are ample students around the globe who still have the dream of achieving better grades and acquiring knowledge. So you can develop an educational portal for these students, and this will also help them to learn even after the pandemic ends.

Domestic Supplies

To keep everyone safe from the pandemic, the government has decided to close schools and non-essential services. But essential services like healthcare, groceries, transportation, and banking are allowed to operate. People are looking to get their hands easily on domestic supplies. Most of the food supplies of Singapore is dependent on the countries from around the world. So the Singapore government has also launched a S$30 million grant to boost up the local production of eggs, vegetables and fish. You can also start the production of domestic supplies and find a safer way to deliver products to the people in need.

Grocery Delivery

If you are an owner of a grocery store, then you can too expand your business during the pandemic. Due to the restriction on stepping out of the home, many people have done panic buying of the groceries. And due to panic buying, many people who are in utter need of groceries are not getting the required stock for their daily needs. The groceries gets over in a shorter time as all the family members are at home, and it is consumed more. So people need to stock up frequently, but they are afraid to step out of their homes, and they prefer buying groceries online and get them home delivered. So you can take your grocery store to digital platforms like other businesses. You can develop an app or just a simple website for home delivery.

The downloading of grocery apps have also hiked up in the pandemic. You can deliver the groceries to houses safely by deciding a spot where you would leave the groceries, and the customers can pick up from there. It will be safer for both your employees and customers. Don’t miss the golden opportunity to take your grocery store online. Online buying and delivery will also provide your store business in the future after the pandemic has gone.

Online Tutorials

The world is full of individuals, and every individual has acquired some skillset. If you have good knowledge of your skillset, then start online tutorials on Youtube or better is to develop your own website. There are many portals where you can get a developed website, and you just have to purchase the domain name for a minimal amount. The portals also provide you with tools to customize your website according to your requirements. You can post tutorial videos, write blogs regarding your skillset, and provide online courses. You can make a website regarding digital marketing, content marketing, graphic designing, physical fitness or any other skill you have excelled upon. This can help you to have a source of extra income.

Healthcare Consultation

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the government has advised people to stay in isolation, take care of themselves and the family members. During such times it has been the utmost priority above all to take care of one’s health. Healthcare professionals are taking every necessary step to keep their patients safe and sound without getting outside. So you can take the help of a digital medium and provide a healthcare app or website. You can post videos and provide health tips during the pandemic, and the precautions people need to take. Provide health solutions for different health problems.

The novel coronavirus has a wider effect on everyone, but like every problem, we have to face it and find the solution for better living. Do not have a short-term goal business, rather focus on starting a business during coronavirus for the long term. Because if your services or products are satisfying customers, then they would need them even after the pandemic gets over.


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