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Investment Faults and How to Deal With Them (June 2017)

Investment Faults and How to Deal With Them (June 2017)

Because we are learning, and learning is a continuous process, it is always very common to make mistakes. However, use of common sense separates a competent investor from the one who is just doing it shoddily. Almost every investor has messed somewhere. Obviously, flawlessness is next to impossible. But understanding some investment mistakes can make a great difference.

Investment Faults

Investment Faults

Overlooking the Current and Future Market Possibilities

Most investors have fallen astray of conducting a qualitative analysis. They are not prudent enough. It is essential for an investor to look at current trends, and what is more likely to come about in the future. Peter Lynch said he discovered the best investment opportunity when he looked at his children playing with toys and suspected it would later be in great demand. Peter Lynch is an author, as well as a fund manager.

Apart from that, you should remember that the brand name is also very essential. Let us take cokes as an example. Almost everybody in the world is aware of the name, and how valuable it is.

Never allow time to change against your enterprise. Update yourself with current activities, so you may understand what exactly your clients’ expectations are. A good example is a mobile industry – it is very dynamic. People make inventions every day to come up with more suitable devices that cater to upcoming needs. In fact, they are working techniques to ensure a less complicated and more user-friendly device. Besides, we should not just focus on product sales and earnings. We should as well assess the entire enterprise qualitatively.

Qualitative analysis is among the less complex strategies used in the evaluation of potential investment.

Agree That You Are Wrong and Make Efforts to Make the Situation Better

Many investors do not understand the fact that they can be wrong somewhere. It is important to accept the reason your enterprise is torn into pieces is due to your faults. Your business could be in turmoil because you just did a shoddy stock purchase, or you did not conduct a thorough market research. But the best thing is to accept mistakes, and then look for immediate ways of correcting them. Put pride aside and accept corrections.

Some people keep killing their enterprises by purchasing more shares on a dying investment – just because they want to cover their mistakes, or they do not want to appear wrong. Who knows, maybe they keep buying because stock prices have fallen. But whichever the case, it is good to accept mistakes and then try to make corrections.

A company’s future performance is never related to the price you purchase shares at. When there is a steep reduction in your stock prices, try to check the possible causes of the phenomenon, and make an analysis to determine the company’s future potentials. If buying stock is not appropriate now, keep your money to invest in future profitable investments.

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