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Nightlife in Singapore (2017 Update)

Nightlife in Singapore (2017 Update)

While it may not be quite as boundlessly wild as some other cities in the Southeast Asian region, such as Bangkok, Singapore’s nightlife scene has grown into one of the most popular, refined, and widely enjoyed on the continent. Many of the bars have licenses to be open as long as they want, often reaching the 24 hour mark in peak party season, and very few of the clubs and bars in Singapore close before 3 AM. When the sun goes down, a whole new side of Singapore wakes up. The locals love to celebrate life in the city, and there always seem to be tourists; ranging from backpackers on a budget to high-end luxury travelers, who are feeling lucky in finding the evening experiences that they are looking for; Singapore’s scene is satisfying for anybody and everybody!

Nightlife in Singapore
Nightlife in Singapore


Whether you’re avoiding the dance clubs on purpose, or you’re just happy to start your night in a more low-key setting, Singapore offers some widely respected and enjoyed bars. The Tippling Club has become famous after reaching San Pellegrino’s 25 Best Bars in Asia list a few years back, and they serve classy, luxury mixed drinks in old-school medicine bottles. The Tippling Club, despite its popularity, is quite expensive, and there are many options for the lower-budget traveler looking for something a little more down-to-earth, such as Five Izakaya Bar. Five Izakaya Bar (also known as “Five’s”) is much more affordable than many of the luxurious options in Singapore. Beer, wine, and mixed drinks are all available for as low as $5. They feature funky live music on a distinctly awesome stage, and their menu offers affordable and delicious bar food.


Zouk is widely agreed to be the best club in Singapore, and it is, at the very least, the club with the longest-running and most establish reputation for a good time; the party has been alive and well at Zouk for 24 years. The DJs are top notch, (Zouk is where international DJs often choose to spin when they come through Singapore), and admission is quite affordable. Singapore’s most provocative club, Attica, offers two levels to suit completely different tastes; one is for those who love to get down to Top-40 and RnB tunes, whereas the second level provides electronica, techno, and house music. Canvas, Bang Bang, and New Asia are all very popular, and you shouldn’t miss a chance to Tajong Beach Club if they happen to be throwing a big event; it’s exactly what it sounds like, a rocking beach dance party (wow-wee).


Hop around the urban centre of Singapore, and enjoy the various offerings that the night brings your way. Whether you’ve had a few drinks or not, don’t forget to treat yourself by stopping by a 24-hour Hawker centre and chowing down on some world class vendor cuisine. Live music, DJs, drinks, and social bliss are all waiting for you in Singapore’s night life scene!

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