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The ultimate richie rich travel bucket list (2017 Update)

The ultimate richie rich travel bucket list


Budget travellers beware! Proceed at your own peril. It might very well break your heart. Well, not really. We economizing travel nerds are made of stronger stuff than that. After all, what is life without a magnanimous dream? And this list is nothing, if not a fantasy.

Tune into our ultimate richie rich travel bucket list. We all have read and heard many, many listicles and vlogs about wonderful places to travel that don’t break the bank but what about those exotic destinations and expensive locales that cost a fortune to visit. These luxurious vacations may result in a serious dent in your bank account but the price is well worth the experiences they offer.

So here’s a closer look at some of the most expensive holidays in the world and where to find them:

New York City

Ouch! We know, it hurts a little, as there is hardly a travel bug in the world who hasn’t dreamt of strutting with panache at the style capital of the world. New York City is everything a traveler can want – blindingly beautiful, staggeringly urbane and sadly, unbelievably expensive. Being a hub of art, culture and science, a day’s accommodation in the city costs 199£ and food bills can go as high as a decent month’s salary. But with the right planning and regular savings, we are sure you can make it to this city of glamor.



Amazed by the sights of Morrocco and Kenya, you may not have stumbled upon this country but Botswana is one of the best kept secrets of Africa. A bevy of enigmatic forests and abundant wildlife, this country’s one-third area is designated to natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Home to some of the most exoctic species of flora and fauna, a visit to Botswana is a direct hit on your pocket but well worth it.



No luxury bucket list could ever be complete without the mention of this city. Temperamental, sensual and mesmerizing, visiting Marrakech is an affair to remember. Decent accommodation for a day here costs 156£ but lost in its alluring hammams and rich middle eastern culture, you’ll probably not mind this.



Yes, unfortunately the city of love and artistry also makes it to this list. Paris defines romance and its beauty invites visions but unluckily it is also one of the most expensive destinations in the world to stay in or visit. A day’s meal in Paris costs 25€ but this city’s illuminating beauty pretty much makes up for it. Take a walk on the banks of Sienna or gaze at the magnum opus that is Eiffel, there are more than enough attractions in the city to break even the expenses.



Untouched by the touristy hustle bustle of Europe, Helsinki has remained out of most travelers’ bucket lists. With the cost of a day’s accommodation being 163$, with good reason it seems. But don’t discount this city’s charms so soon, with its stunning, ornate architecture and mystical trams, Helsinki is a place that you must definitely wish to visit.



A city so lovely, you’ll naturally catch the Stockholm syndrome once you are in it. Home to some striking, European architecture, the city is known for its heritage parks and museums. In this mystical wonderland, culling out $190 for a night’s stay is well compensated by its straight out of a fairytale design.



Haven’t spared even a single thought to this city? We don’t blame you. The 106 a day accommodations and 22 meals do seem a little excessive. But where else in the world would you get to experience this city’s sinful combination of sun, sand and scintillating shores. A regular on the list of Mega Celebs, Cancun’s sensuality will simply blow your mind.

So, start working on those savings and make room for some of these most expensive holidays on your globetrotting checklist. Loads of luck, travellers!

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